Acessibility Statement


We are committed to making information and resources accessible for all users of our website. We favour the principles of usability and universal design, which will be of benefit to all users. By following these principles and incorporating techniques to ensure information and resources are accessible with assistive technologies.

Resizing Text

If you have a problem with the size of text on websites there are three main ways of increasing the size:

  1. Changing Your Operating System Preferences
    You can change the settings within the Windows or Mac’ operating system to increase the size of text. This makes all text on your computer larger (not just on websites)
  2. Changing Your Browser Preferences
    You can change settings within your browser to increase the default size of normal text. This will enlarge the text on most modern websites that you visit.
  3. Zooming In
    You can use modern browsers to enlarge any web-page – the effect is to zoom in to the page. To do this, hold down the CTRL key and press + to increase text size and – to decrease.

Accessibility Tools

Every effort is made to ensure that our website is accessible across all platforms and browsers. We would strongly recommend, however, that you upgrade your browser to the latest version for optimum experience.

Upgrading your browser

Links to upgrading to the most popular web browser are found below:

 Changing screen contrast

For PC computers:

  • Press ALTShift + Print Screen simultaneously to change to a high contrast background

The same procedure can be used to revert to the original settings

For Mac’ computers:

  • Press CommandOption + Control + . (full stop) to increase screen contrast
  • Press CommandOption + Control + , (comma) to decrease screen contrast

Reporting Problems

If you are experiencing difficulties in using this website, please contact the website management team either at Marketing Agency Nottingham or at their parent company and someone will be happy to able to assist.

Alternatively, if the format of any material on our website interferes with your ability to access the information you require or you require any of the information in another format, please send an e-mail to learn@fourfourdjacademy.co.uk  or telephone 0115 6976 444.

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