DJ Taster

Please see below for information on how to book your Taster course

The DJ Taster course is a one-day course, lasting 4 hours with capacity for up to 8 students.


Learning Objectives
  • Equipment Set Up & Functions
  • Introduction to CDJs
  • How to Cue/Playback
  • Introduction to Drop Mixing
  • Introduction to Beat Matching


£40 per person

The courses run on various days and evenings through the week.




  • Bars, Beats & Phrasing
  • Tempo & BPM
  • Pitch Shifting & Master Tempo
  • Faders, Cossfaders & Gains

To book your Taster Course, please buy online using the system below, then contact our team to arrange a date and time.

DJ Courses – Taster


Taster Course – £40 per person