DJ Lessons

One-to-one bespoke tuition, with you choosing your subjects. We also have booth and studio space available to hire for those wishing to practice DJing in private.

Is there a gap in your DJing skills that you want to improve on? By spending time with one of our experienced DJs you will have the opportunity to brush up on whichever area of DJing you feel you need it the most. Our industry experts are available for 3 hour, 6 hour or day/night sessions and will prepare an in-depth learning agenda for your lesson based on your goals.
Our lessons can cover anything from equipment and set up, special effects and sampling to beat matching, scratching, looping, hot cueing and more. Our tutors are here to help, so top up your knowledge and use our experience as a resource for you to become a successful DJ.
Book Lessons
From £20
Available daily
Booth Hire
From £10