DJ Courses

Courses to suit every age, ability and electronic music preferences.

The Four Four courses will take you through a journey from complete beginner to becoming an experienced DJ with the skills needed to produce and perform your own incredible set. Develop your understanding of techniques and software as well as equipment and rig preparation.
Our experienced tutors have a vast background in the industry and will not only show you how to become a DJ, but how to become a successful one.

Accelerator Course

Interested in our Complete DJ course but aren’t able to commit the time or investment? Travelling from further away or looking to just cover certain aspects of our courses? Our Accelerator course encourages rapid learning and allows students the flexibility to
slim-down our complete course and choose which subjects to cover. With a choice of learning including beat matching, using effects, music production, digital DJing and DJ marketing, you will complete the course with a top-up of knowledge based on your own goals.


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Complete DJ Course

This course will teach you not only the skills you need to create a set, it will allow you to discover your sound and become a competent, gig-ready DJ. You will learn industry tips and we’ll help prepare you for paid work through personal branding and promotion.
Mixing with both CDJS and vinyl are covered during this course, along with using effects, filtering and digital DJing. We’ll show you how to get gigs, deal with DJ agencies and use social media to maximise your success.


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