Accelerator Course

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The Accelerator DJ course consists of five 4-hour lessons, and is delivered one-to-one.


Learning Objectives
  • Equipment Set Up & Functions
  • Introduction to CDJs
  • How to Cue/Playback
  • Introduction to Drop Mixing
  • Introduction to Beat Matching
  • Bars, Beats & Phrasing
  • Tempo & BPM
  • Pitch Shifting & Master Tempo
  • Faders, Cossfaders & Gains
  • Establishing Genres
  • Mixing various styles
  • EQ Settings
  • Introduction to Rekordbox
  • Introduction to Evermix
  • Performing your Set

£800 per person

The courses run on specific days and times through the week – contact our team for information.



  • How to play a warm-up set
  • How to adapt your set
  • EQ & FX techniques in the mix
  • Smoove mixing techniques
  • Understanding musical phrasing
  • Using External & Internal FX
  • Mixing Acappellas
  • How To Build a Set
  • Looping on the fly
  • Using Hot Cues<
  • Introduction to Mixed In Key
  • Harmonic Mixing
  • DJ Tricks & Techniques
  • How to Promote Yourself
  • Playing a Live Set

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DJ Courses – Accelerator


Accelerator Course – £800 per person